Marie-Hélène’s Apple Cake

October 29, 2010 § 7 Comments

Occasionally it’s better to let photos tell a story.

The cake fresh out of the oven (approx 7:10pm).





The cake just after my husband, my friend, myself and three little girls had our fill (approx 7:30 pm).





The cake just before I sat down to watch Glee (approx 8:20pm)





The cake right after Glee finished and before I started watching Top Gear (approx 9:10pm)





The cake just before I started writing this post (approx 10:00pm).





That piece may or may not make it to breakfast but it definitely won’t be there when my husband gets home in the morning (approx 8:30am).

This cake was superb – light and flavourful and so easy that you can whisk, sip a glass of chardonnay, carry on a conversation and not miss a step.  I left out the rum as I figured it wasn’t necessary and I had three 6 year olds waiting to eat cake.

The only things I may do differently next time:

  • Cut the apples into smaller pieces and make sure they are the same size.  Some of the larger pieces were a bit too crunchy.
  • Use salted butter as I felt it could have used a bit more salt.
  • Wait for it to cool so I don’t burn my tongue
  • Top it with either whip cream, brown sugar crumble or caramel sauce depending on how decadent I want it to be.

But I may also not change a thing.


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