147 Charlbury was my Grandmother’s – called Nanna by me and my sister – address in Nottingham, England.  My Mum and Dad were on their own in Canada so for the first 10 years of my life summers were spent in England, visiting relatives and places that my parents deemed important.  Some of strongest memories of my Nanna and my time at 147 Charlbury are food related.  My Nanna was a very good cook and like all Grandmothers who only see their Grandchildren once a year, spoiled us terribly.  And that meant having our favorite foods waiting for us when we arrived.  I wish I could say that those favorites were home-baked goods of some sort but they weren’t.  They were single serving sugar-coated cereals (they weren’t allowed at home in Canada) eaten right of the box, Terry’s Orange Club bars (which I still request people visiting from England bring me), and Cadbury Flakes which were eaten with Vanilla ice cream.  The other treat was getting into bed with my Nanna in the morning and having my Dadda (Grandfather) bring tea in bed.  The tea was always in the same Royal Doulton china tea cup and Nanna would pour some into the saucer which I was then allowed to slurp as it had instantly cooled.  It was also my Nanna who taught my Father to make bread and scones – both recipes that he still makes – and has, in turn, passed on and are now made by both my husband and myself.

I don’t know if this will be a food blog as my interests are much wider than just food.  But it seemed a good jumping in place and so here it is.


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