Please tell me what to cook.

November 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

I think it’s interesting that no one else has come forward and said that they don’t love that there is no schedule this month – only the 4 recipes to cook but no order to cook them in.  For whatever reason, this lack of structure has thrown me for a loop.  There was something really gratifying knowing that I was amongst a group all of whom were looking at the same recipe, going shopping for the same ingredients and then baking/making the same dish.  I know that over the course of the month we will all get to complete the same recipes but somehow it’s just not the same.

I have too many cookbooks and I’ve always said that I would ‘work my way through’ one or the other but never did.  With French Friday’s I found myself excited each Monday to think about what I would make on Wed or Thurs for this week’s posting.  I’d never had that excitement before.  Now, I find myself hesitant and less enthusiastic, I’m flipping the pages trying to decide if this week it will be the gratin or the flans or maybe I should get the chicken done before next week when we are roasting a turkey.  With the choice comes hesitation and that’s what throwing me off.  I hope we go back to being told what to cook, then I all I have to think about is getting to the market and coming home to make that one simple dish.


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